Advice and Counseling

As the Director of Policy at the Federal Trade Commission for several years, David Balto was intimately involved in some of the most difficult competition policy issues, including conduct by dominant firms; the intersection of intellectual property and antitrust; distribution arrangements, such as tying, bundling and exclusive dealing; and joint ventures and strategic alliances. A former Senior Fellow for the Center for American Progress, David is a frequent author and speaker on competition policy in high-tech industries, semi-conductors, health care, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, media, and financial services.  David Balto's scholarship, which is well known, grapples with many of these issues, and includes some of the seminal articles on exclusive dealing and networks, the intersection of intellectual property and antitrust, slotting allowances and other distribution arrangements, merger enforcement, standards setting, and patent pools.

Bringing a wealth of experience, we regularly advise a wide variety of individuals, organizations and companies, including Fortune 500 companies, on many of these issues, as well as on health care and pharmaceutical antitrust, standards setting and patent pools.